Saturday, February 15, 2014


EX CON are James Dalgliesh/guitar, Alex Dunlop/durms, Catherine Maddin/bass and Joanna Nilson/vocals.  This 7" is their debut for Brisbane label Bon Voyage with Luke Walsh of Blank Realm recording a live session the band executed after hours at a bar.  The three tracks that make up this single dish out fistful of delay heavy noise by way of punk.  Ex Con's confrontational and abrasive approach is immediately arresting, whilst psychedelic and pop elements emerge through the tidal fuzz.  This is best shown on B-Side "Right Brain", utilising clouting drums, Nilson's deadpan vocals, bulky bass and a stormy guitar that unravels into a roving solo.  It's been a while since this single first came out and no word yet on whether there's anything on the way, but I'd keep an eye out because as far as debut singles go this is a doozy.

Check out the whole thing here on EX CON's Bandcamp

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