Monday, March 3, 2014

V/A : Killed By Deathrock Volume 1

Sacred Bones have just come out with a fantastic compilation called 'Killed By Deathrock Vol.1'.  The eleven exhumed songs cull obscure, internet un-friendly singles released via modest labels from 1980-88 .  Deathrock deals with the charred Post Punk and Goth sounds, shedding a spotlight on some unsung treasures of the time.  Highlights for me are the first two tracks, 

Your Funeral "I Wanna Be You" (Denver, Colorado female three piece):

...and Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons "Liberty" (Swedish band who had little output before calling it a day): 

'Killed By Deathrock Vol.1' started as a project for Sacred Bones label founder Caleb Braaten back in 2007.  Both European and US bands are closely knitted together through their experiments in dark punk on this cohesive, exhaustively researched compilation.  This is probably your only shot at getting these songs at all physically, and it's not an opportunity you want to pass up.


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  1. I love this comp, I don't much about goth music so this compilation helped me discover some good tunes!