Thursday, March 27, 2014

Burnt Skull : Sewer Birth

Burnt Skull are guitar/drum duo Dustin Pilkington and Anthony Davis from Austin.  Pilkington and Davis began playing together in 2011 whilst working on other projects.  Pilkington plays in Cruddy, Total Abuse and The Sneezes, Davis is involved with Gremlins UK as well as both recording under the name Best Fwends.  'Sewer Birth' is their debut album (12XU) featuring 10 alternative rock songs influenced by the experimentalism of vicious and discordant noise.  The album deals with, "sacrificing your mutant child to the underworld ("Sewer Birth"), painting the wall with the back of your head ("No Cross"), and becoming one with a sickening, ever-growing mass of human pulp ("Infinite Flesh")

."  Sure, this gnarly subject matter should give you a good idea of what's in store, however don't be surprised to find some curve balls that make this anything but another noise record. The feral "God Hole" is a grimy punk number featuring spluttered vocals, metronomic beats and barbarous guitars.  Another stand out track is "Abduction", which has an industrial feel to it as a conjuration of meshed effects and tribal rhythms swarm in a wall of fuzz.  'Sewer Birth' changes the game for what you might expect to come out of Austin these days, it's dark, twisted and fierce, listen to this on a day when the whole world seems wrong and it will make everything feel SO right.

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