Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mistletone Records : Early Woman & Montero Singles

Mistletone Records has been a Melbourne based label and tour organizer since 2006.  It was only recently I was introduced to them when these two singles were given to me as a gift.  So here we have  Early Woman & Montero 7's.  Tying both together is Ben Montero who is one part of the duo that makes up Early Woman, and works as you may have guessed, solo on Montero. 

Early Woman is Hannah Brooks and Montero.  Brooks, a documentary maker/journalist and Montero, a visual artist, began working together in 2012.  Although coming from contrasting musical backgrounds (Brooks being a member of Spider Vomit, St Helens, Young Professionals and Montero in The Brutals, Treetops),  listening through their other projects it seems where the duo meet is with a penchant for Velvet Underground on single 'I'm A Peach bw/Feathers'.  The A Side is a swaying love song pining away with an upsurge of waltzing beats, chewy guitars and loaded bass, stuck somewhere between desperation and hope.  'Feathers' on the flip side features cello from Jess Venables as well as Robert Bravington and Caitlin Perry, making for a powerfully cinematic, dreamlike piece swooning with gloaming guitars, swirling strings and a melody heavy bass alongside boy/girl harmonies.  'Feathers' couldn't be more different than 'I'm A Peach' in that it feels like the story gets a happy ending.  Early Woman is comprised of opposites that function in perfect harmony when Brooks and Montero put the pieces together, really great single.

'Rainman bw/Mumbai' is the solo single from Montero.  The A Side, plays out an inter-planetary take on 70s California pop sounds.   The track unfurls from a soft choral opening to reverb drenched guitars purling apace with crashing rhythms ascending into one joyous jam.   Mellowed out - 80's something-wave track 'Mumbai' features other-worldly keys and honeyed guitars giving a disarming sense while the track just blisses out.  This single doesn't tie in with anything else I've heard lately, and that's why I like it. It music played by someone focused on sounds they like not even aware, or even concerned maybe, with what everyone else is doing.  It's unguarded, honest and kind of awesome.

Both singles can be found HERE
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