Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Protomartyr : Under Colour of Official Light

Protomartyr is Detroit four piece Joe Casey (vocals), Greg Ahee (guitar), Alex Leonard (drums) and Scott Davidson (bass). Over the course of one weekend they recorded follow up to debut 'No Passion All Technique' (Urinal Cake Records) with Bill Skibbe and Jessica Ruffins at Key Club Records Benton Harbor, MI.  Drawing inspiration from literature, people and local landmarks Casey delivers stories of listening to Alice In Chains on repeat, an infamous Roman execution spot for traitors and confrontation with an impassioned sense of ennui.  ‘Under Colour of Official Light’ (Hardly Art) fleshes out their austere approach both in the execution of recording and song writing pushing the limits of what the band have already achieved.  Opener “Maidenhead” sets a tone of seclusion with isolator-y echo heavy vocals and reverb heavy guitars that swell into tidal fuzz.  Casey muses, “Don’t feel no love for anything” and it’s this sense of malaise that the band take inspiration from and subverts into gripping rock songs.  Without trying to use any sort of hyperbole ‘Under Colour of Official Light’ is an all kill no fill record, it’s difficult to pick just a few tracks to talk about here.   Anthemic “Scum Rise” will no doubt have fists punching the air at shows with its choppy beats, siren guitar licks and forthright vocals.  “I Stare At Floors” features racing guitars juxtaposed with plaintive vocals providing a great reflection of where the mind can wonder when you’re staring at your shoes on the hard concrete.  ‘Under Colour of Official Light’ has seen the band only gather momentum since its release only a few weeks ago, it’s definitely made Protomartyr a top band this year for me, and maybe for you too.  Go here and check them out – or EVEN better, come and see them play in August on their first UK tour, one day you’ll be able to say you were there at the beginning, saw it all right from the very start….. you know… no big deal…..

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