Friday, May 29, 2015

Ausmuteants / Housewives Split 7"

Out this week is this split 7” by Ausmuteants and Housewives for Total Punk.  Both bands wrote a song then sent each other chords and lyrics for the partnering group to cover with no information on how the track is composed, so Side-A will be the original version Ausmuteants and Housewives wrote and Side-B will be their interpretation of the other’s song – clear as mud?  ‘I Wanna Sedate You’ and ‘Brown Out’ are the two original songs, interchanged and re-arranged by the Australian outfits.  Ausmuteants scored ‘I Wanna Sedate You’, a deranged strain of punk rock joy which is just as considered as it is totally rampant.  The Housewives’ contribution ‘Brown Out’ is a shrieking, sludgy force of chugging guitars veering on and off course commanded by forthright beats and a gulping bass.  The thing both bands have in common (apart from the same chords and lyrics of course) is a sense of complete disorder in well-formed and thought out songs.  And if you want to know what the covers of ‘I Wanna Sedate You’ and ‘Brown Out’ sound like, well you’ll have to get copy and find out!  

Ausmuteants will be playing here in London as part of their European tour at The Shacklewell Arms on Wednesday 10th June, get tickets HERE

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