Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nots : Virgin Mary

Nots have followed up their debut album ‘We Are Nots’ on Goner with a new single of unswerving garage rock which is more deranged, more scuzzy and even more commanding than before.  This new track has a raw live quality to it which calls back to their first singles, so it’s no surprise to learn that Keith Cooper who worked on those early Nots releases recorded ‘Virgin Mary’.  A menacing bass line, contorted guitars and keys beside bold rhythms frame a void of outright abandon.  Nots’ new single is packed with the drive to heighten their focus on synth punk.  It’s this ability to connect with likeminded bands that have come before and desire to push things further that makes Nots so exhilarating.  They’re reckless, unwavering and totally fun, go get Nots 'Virgin Mary' or Nots gripping new songs will come get you.

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