Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Animals and Men

How much does this compilation RULE? Messthetics, true to form have released another essential and always epic collection.

Newest installment of the Messthetics series is from a DIY/Post Punk group based in Somerset, England. Revel in the Static, culled from Animals + Men demos and singles from '79 to '83 is compiled by renowned archivist Chuck Warner, who runs the Messthetics label.

The recordings on Revel in the Static are clear with the signature DIY guitar fuzz genius, unaffected female DIY vocals accompanied by minimal abrasive instruments. Highlights; "Man with the Steel Toe Shoes," "Don't Misbehave in the New Age" and "We Are Machines."

Revel in the Static is made for fans of Black Time.

This time last year, Animals + Men first got the reissue treatment from Mississippi on the Never Bought, Never Sold Singles from 79/83 LP. More recently, a six song 12" EP was released on Convulsive records.

Check out tracks here!

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