Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nerve City

New 6 track EP is unmistakably the work of Brooklyn's Sacred Bones. While the label has established itself for exploring all things dark and mysterious, you've heard nothing yet.

Nerve City is one guy based in Richmond Virginia/Florida. What sets 'Sleepwalker' aside from other releases on Sacred Bones is the pop elements in the songs. Sure, you can find pop at it's fullest dramatic expression on a Zola Jesus record, there's even quirky elements of pop in the Carl Simmons reissue.

'Sleepwalker's' jangly lo-fi bedroom rock stands out because of the regal folk quality to it. The EP is a far cry from previous releases by Nerve City. Material on Severed Hand, Kill Shaman, HoZac, and Sweet Rot (all now pretty much gone) were a lot more abrasive sounding more like Daily Void.

True to form the packaging is immaculate with a gorgeous screen print, making it feel even more compulsory to add to the collection.

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