Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Young Governor

Oh man, Ben Cook is one of those musicians where I love every record he puts out. Between exploring hardcore, folk and psych rock with Fucked Up and indie a la DIY with The Bitters, Young Governor is a side project he has had brewing since the beginning of 2009. Follow up to debut single "Virginia Creeper," easily one of my favorite 7"s of the year, is an EP Hidden Love on Parts Unknown.

Young Governor is a bit like a hybrid of Home Blitz and Jay Reatard if it were to be pigeon holed. Recently, there have been a lot of reviews for records citing bands like this and referencing punk/pop/DIY and you may be thinking this is no different. Let me tell you it is different! The six pummeling tracks on Hidden Love, fuses punk and pop together in a completely unique way. Rapid guitar and drum parts accompanied with melodic vocals are executed in a do-it-yourself aesthetic, creating an infectious and hyperactive EP.

He has two new singles out 'Cindy's Going to Save Me' and 'Bedtime Stories' showing a change of pace from this 'Hidden Love' EP.

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