Monday, March 14, 2011

Davila 666 'Tan Bajo'

The six members of Davila 666 already have releases on some of the finest independent labels around; Rob's House, Douchemaster and HoZac to name a few. Based in Puerto Rico's capital, San Juan the boys have broken out of their local music scene and made it across to the US and now Europe. 'Tan Bajo', on In The Red follows up 2008's self titled debut.

Recorded in three weeks 'Tan Bajo' stays true to Davila's Punk roots, however picking up inspiration from a few new places. Track "Si Me Vez" pays dues to Velvet Underground and Jesus Mary Chain with chest pounding guitar rhythms hang easy vocals and Panda Davila's tambourine jingles. Singing in broken Spanish the songs sound like they are recorded phonetically. In placing weight on the sounds of words Carlito and AJ Davila's vocals assert meaning in tone alongside melody heavy guitars, encouraging the listener to respond to how the track makes you feel. Utilizing 'ooo's' and 'aaa's' throughout the record as well, on 'Obsesionao' for example, transcends words and language inviting everyone to the party. Also, it seems like a no brainer to figure out what 'Obsessionao' might be about, right?! "Mala" and "Los Cruces" are some favourites for party stompers with The Latin Snake's unrelenting rhythms and forthright, thudding guitars from Gigi and Johnny Otis Davila. Sound effects intermittently placed throughout the record make Davila 666 a band who are as deranged as they are composed inventively spinning songs through a pair of 3D glasses. Primed with a record that thumps, screeches and snarls these scamps are going full steam ahead.

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