Monday, March 21, 2011

Hygiene "Public Sector"

Hygiene are a London based four piece playing out crunchy guitars, throbbing bass and rattling rhythms with forthright, narrative-heavy vocals. Their first release, a 7" entitled 'Town Centre E.P' on Static Shock Records from 2009 is now sold out, so it's perfect timing that La Vida Es Un Mus has just put out their debut "Public Sector". Hygiene's concentration on the quotidian is indicative of the English spirit as they turn humdrum on its head. Their approach to songs are bursts of direct, no-nonsense adrenaline with an urgency you'd expect from Swell Maps and the vocal finesse of Robert Lloyd from The Nightingales. Having been fortunate enough to see Hygiene play a few times now, I've witnessed them turn basements into swarming, sweaty pits of some of the most fun nights out recently. Hygiene simultaneously pick up from where bands on Messthetics compilations leave off and galvanize the genre propelling Punk today. It's bands like Hygiene that make me glad to be living in London, going to shows and record stores are more exciting places to escape the daily grind with guys like these around.

Hygiene also did an interview for Gilded Gutter click here to read!

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