Monday, April 11, 2011

The Feelies 'Here Before'

The Feelies stormed back on to the scene in 2008 for a reunion show with Sonic Youth in Battery Park. Since then, the band have been regularly playing their universally loved indie songs spanning the first part of their career from 1980 to 1991 in New York and their native New Jersey. 10 years on from their last album The Feelies offer up some brand new material on 'Here Before'.

Aptly, the album opener "Nobody Knows" muses "Is it to late to do it again, or should we wait another ten?", it's this double viewpoint simultaneously acting as a self-reflective statement and acknowledging the listener that best sums up why their songs are so inviting. This is reiterated in closer "So Far" where Glen Mercer sings in his Lou Reed-esque voice, "now it's time to say goodbye". The first part of the record really warms up with "When You Know", abound with zestful guitars swarming at head rushing speed grounded with veracious vocals. The album cools off from here introducing some sugary bell jangles in the slower numbers. Shortest track on the album, "Time Is Right" stands out for its sense of urgency with siren guitars chiming out apace with a bold vocal delivery. This record delivers exactly what you expect and want from The Feelies, layered guitars shimmering with melody, harmonious vocals and locomotive rhythms. Like putting on your favourite sweater it's familiar, comforting and feels GOOD. When a band can create something as beautiful as The Feelies can, it doesn't need to be questioned, 'Here Before' attests that these guys are just as good as they ever were.

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