Friday, April 15, 2011

The Pheromoans 'My Mind Is On The Anti-Climb Paint'

Sandwiched between Convulsive Record's February release 'It Still Rankles' and upcoming LP on Red Lounge, Onec has put out 12" 'My Mind Is On The Anti-Climb Paint' from London's Pheromoans, with the sleeve masterfully hand crafted by band member James.

Opener "Limited Scope 1&2" features a steady bass and metronomic rhythms shuffling in the first part of the song apace with Russell Walker's spoken word confessions, "eye of the storm, I was always anticipating disaster". Interference from electrical bleeps at a radar pace tuning in (or out?) otherworldly fairground-like music. A curious slap from reality comes from sounds of cutlery and crockery scrapping together alongside prickling guitars feels brilliantly unsettling. "Newsagent Hop" is an out of tune urgent track coupling humor and apathy in the lyrics and it's this unique take on the tragicomic that remains a constant theme in The Pheromoans material. This is best summed up in final track "Conviction St. 1&2", "come back merchant all is forgiven, the man who liked to look at himself spoke like ninja turtle" is sung/spoken alongside bleak, sinking violins closing "it feels good to be in the eye of the storm". This 12" is a must have for anyone following the band if not just for the seven magnificent songs on here, but also the meticulous and lovingly hand made art work. The Pheromoans are going from strength to strength and this blogger is keeping her peepers peeled for that new LP on Red Lounge.

The LP is sold out and they saved the last copy for auction to raise money for the Japan Tsunami Appeal, for more information click here

Interview from Russell for Gilded Gutter

Pheromoans Facebook

MP3s for 'My Mind Is On The Anti-Climb Paint' here

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