Monday, April 25, 2011

Hunx and His Punx 'Too Young To Be In Love'

Hunx and His Punx return with a brand spankin' new album on Hardly Art. 'Too Young To Be In Love' has a heart pounding rush you'd expect from Shangri-La's delivered with a big garage rock smacker. The most striking thing about this new material is the aptly shared boy/girl vocals. Hand clapping rhythms, sing-a-long choruses about flings and fun make up one feisty second album from this San Fransisco five-some. "Bad Boy" (which has an immense video) is a highlight on the album, and if it doesn't make you want dance around your bedroom, you should probably get your pulse checked. Candied synths, vivacious guitars and dreamy vocal melodies make up more irresistible tracks like "Tonite Tonite" and "He's Coming Back". "Too Young To Be In Love" is like viewing world from the back seat of a car at a drive in movie, changing things up a little while keeping all of the sass from the first album makes this a great follow up record.

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