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Goat: Interview!

Introducing Sweden's Goat, I got the chance to catch up with one of the members in the collective to find out more on the mysterious outfit and their new album 'World Music'.

I've tried researching the band but you seem to have sprung from nowhere, almost quite literally! So let’s start with some introductions – who are you and what do you play?

Who we are and what we do is of no importance. Goat is not a fixed band or lineup in the conventional sense. We give you our music I think that this is more than enough.

Have you been in or currently in any other bands?


For those of us who haven’t been tell us a bit about Korpolombolo…

Korpilombolo is a central and integrated part of our past and present. Not so much as a physical place anymore but rather a spiritual sanctuary that binds us all together. Preparations are made for the final travel.

‘World Music’ incorporates many music styles can you talk us through where you draw your sounds from?

As you can probably hear it´s the sound of the universe. The recording was totally effortless which means there was simply not a lot of thinking involved in the process.

A spontaneous composition.

Like the Pink fairies sing you should just " do it! "

Some of the songs are very old children´s jingles from our village that have simply been remade while others are snippets and/or parts of longer recordings/ jams and/ or rituals. This form of Goat, the now existing one, is by no means the only version of this band. My ancestors were members of what we can call " earlier versions " of Goat. To answer the last part of your question, everything I experience influences my approach to music.

From the music I hear , the people I meet, the birds song, the food I eat to the indescribable vastness that is the human mind/ experience & nature, that is all an influence for me.

Did you anticipate that ‘World Music’ would receive the warm reception that it has? What do you make of all the reviews and excitement around the record?

No we did not have any expectations what so ever. We were asked to record an album and so we did. Apparently a lot of people seem to like what we have done at the moment and this is great news for us and we are thankful for it but these things tend to be blown out of proportion and also change very rapidly in our modern society.

So we do not make too much out of it. Our wellbeing does not depend on Goat being successful or not. There will always be new bands & records people will rave about. We will just continue doing what we do if it is recorded or not, if it´s raved about or not.

I love track “Run To Your Mama” can you tell me more about that song?

I would not know what to tell you. I´m glad you like the song so I will try not to spoil the fun for you by talking it to pieces. All I can say is that it´s an updated version of a very old lullaby.

Where was the album recorded? What is your recording set up?

The album was recorded in Parkeringshuset studio where we have a 16 track tape recorder and the possibility to record what we do when we feel like it. The album is all Goat´s work no other people were involved except than for the mastering part.

Our recording setup would be that whoever is attending that particular gathering gets to record if we feel there is need for recording.

Most of the time we just get together and play for our own sake. We meditate in the mirage of sound.

How did you come to work with your label Rocket Recordings?

Chris saw one of the videos our friend had made and then, after quite a struggle I think, got hold of one of us and explained he wanted to release a 7".

I had just moved back to Sweden and was of course very happy for this request. RR is in my opinion one of the best record labels around for interesting new music these days.

We are very grateful and fortunate beings for having this opportunity at our hands.

Who designed the artwork for the record?

That is totally Chris on RRs work. Beautiful stuff.

What are some of your favourite record covers?

Black Sabbaths 1st, Brainticket´s 1st, Ash Ra Tempels 1st + most importantly both the cover of the 7" and the video for Lionel richies song " Hello ".

Who makes your music videos? They’re wild! 'Goatman' is so awesome!

Actually they were made by a friend. Thank you

Do you prefer playing or recording?

I prefer both actually. There is a kind of magic to both aspects.

What’s the most memorable show you’ve played?

I could not tell you. Every time the Goat gathers his people it´s a great joy for me.

What’s the most memorable show you’ve attended?

I would say Slayer -95

What do you want to achieve in Goat?

Nothing really I just want to have a nice time with friends and relatives and record, rehearse and rejoice basically.

You’re coming to the UK soon I'm really looking forward to it! Can you fill us in on your upcoming shows?

Thank you. I don´t know what to say really Goat will come over and do a couple of shows, hopefully people will enjoy it I know the Goat will. Souls will be reaped.

The live version of the band will by no means include all members that would not be possible.

I for example will not go on tour since I´m not allowed to leave the country due to reasons I can not get into here. I will be at the temple. There are also other ones. It does not matter really.

What music are you listening to at the moment? Any new bands you wanna rave about?

Right now I´m listening to the sound of the nature outside where I live. I can hear the Ravens calling and the sound of thunder and a heavy rain falling. Perfection.

A lot of great contemporary bands like: Eternal tapestry, Magic Lantern, Rite, High wolf, Portal to mention a few.

Any other projects or things coming up with Goat you'd like to let us know about?

Not really no.

What's the future for Goat?

I think it´s quite safe to say that no one knows for sure. Whatever happens we will continue to do what we have always done and gather and sing praise in the name of the Goat.

"I'm full of dust and guitars" - Syd Barrett, if you were cracked open what would be inside?

Haha great answer. In my case just a lot of blood and guts I guess.

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