Saturday, August 11, 2012

Goat 'World Music'

They've come out of nowhere, no really. Goat originate from a village located on the fringes of Sweden's backwoods called Korpolombolo, a settlement that legend has it, was introduced to the worship and practice of Voodoo by a traveling witch doctor and her disciples years ago. Inhabiting the remote area going undisturbed for centuries whilst honing their craft this community were eventually discovered by the Church and ostracized. Traces of Korpolombolo's dark history are said to still be found in the now pleasant village and are a source of inspiration for Goat's debut album 'World Music'(Rocket Recordings) which has struck like a bolt from the blue.

The clan offer up nine genre bending songs that result in something refreshing, entrancing and exuberant. 'World Music' weaves spoken word, tribal rhythms, saxophones, keys, otherworldly guitars and female vocals together testing the limits of psychedelia. From opener "Diarabi" revealing guitars shaded with a penchant for middle-eastern sounds to "Goathead", comprised of heavy rock juxtaposed by tranquil folk arrangements, each track introduces its own sonic muse and head-scratcher moments. "Run To Your Mama" is front runner for personal highlight featuring hypnotic beats, vocals full of gusto and ballistic guitars weighed out by xylophones, this isn't just a favourite from the album but for me, a great modern-day rock song. "Let It Bleed" lends pop, dance and indie elements to the record and has received a video release which is set in 1970s urban New York - you can check it out below! If you told me a few weeks ago I was going to find an amazing new record from Korpolombolo the first in a line of questions would've been "from where?!", but Goat are surely going to put Sweden on the map this year for 'World Music'. It's the last place I was expecting to find trailblazing rock but here it is, Goat's music for the world.

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