Saturday, August 4, 2012

Slices 'Still Cruising'

Iron Lung (Kim Phuc, Total Control) offer up new album from Slices 'Still Cruising'. Mike Kasunic (Tusk Lord)/Bass, Mike Ovens/Drums, John Kasunic/Guitar and Greg Kamerdze/Vocals make up the four piece who are now on their second record. These ten songs clocking in at just over twenty minutes are a maelstrom of hardcore numbers fraught with pummeling beats, antagonistic vocals and fierce guitars summoning bouts of stir-crazed punk rock. In amongst the carnage there are curious interjections of quieted instrumental sections like on "Forever Cruising/Hurt On The Job" acting as a pallet cleanser before the stampede continues. Personal highlight is "Class Time", a riotous air punching track with swarming guitars, palpitating rhythms and howling vocals. 'Still Cruising' is the perfect soundtrack to stave off daily doldrums, another great hardcore record from Pittsburgh.
You can find copies here

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