Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Outsiders 'CQ'

"The American writer Richie Unterberger called them "not just the finest Dutch group of the '60s, but the finest group from a non-English speaking country, period."" 'CQ' was released in 1968 and although popular on their own turf The Outsiders went largely under appreciated elsewhere. In hindsight it seems seems as though during the 60's bands who weren't from Britain or America mostly went unnoticed. The love/hate relationship between music from England and the U.S was heating up, British Invasion groups were taking over and with all this going on musicians from anywhere else barely got a look in edgeways. After being active for only four short years The Outsiders disbanded in 1969 however, they're reputation swelled since then earning them cult favourite status. This brings us to RPM's recent reissue of 'CQ', a triumph of proto-punk merging psychedelia, garage rock and classic rock sounds. With detailed liner notes from Mike Stax Editor of 'Ugly Things', a long standing die hard fan and friend of the group, recommendations don't come much higher than that. 'CQ' is a joy to behold.

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