Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Rebel & Bomber Jackets Split 7"

Just out, brand new split 7” featuring two U.K underground bands. Side A features tracks from The Rebel, a project from Ben Wallers who is also the masterminded behind Country Teasers. Paired up with Wallers on Side B are The Bomber Jackets, a trio partly made up from a few members of the mighty Pheromoans.

The Rebel offers up newly penned songs "based around the theme of a new dance craze, the ‘Boston Toto Rush’". The Bomber Jackets’ side is comprised of two songs that sound like sonic polar opposites to each other. Opener "Strange Sensation" is a lethargic number with contorted vocals and consistent beats whereas, "Routemaster" is a bright, booming number layered with sanguine tinged synths and familiar spoken word vocals from Russell (The Pheromoans). These two tracks are taken from their cassette release ‘Amongst The Dumbells’ on Brighton’s Sex Is Disgusting Records. Thing that ties the single together is both bands sense of irony and love of art punk and DIY ethics. I've been shopping around for this one and through my travels have noticed these are going like hot cakes! It's out on Savoury Days in the UK and Kill Shaman in the U.S, Second Layer Records in the U.K still has copies.

Interview from Russell for Gilded Gutter

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