Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pink Reason 'Shit In The Garden'

Four years on from his debut LP Pink Reason is back with new album 'Shit In the Garden' on Siltbreeze. These six new songs clocking in at around 30 minutes show a new side to Kevin DeBroux's writing. Sublime melodies are polarized through a dark underbelly that sites at the core of his songs. Tracks about fighting demons are delivered with DeBroux in conversation with himself, personifying the figure of a lone-wolf troubadour.

Head turning opener 'Holding On' is peppered with frenetic electronic rhythms that lead into radiant fuzzed out guitar, poignantly DeBroux's sings through the fogged recording, "I don't want to see this place again". Lofty, lush melodies at the crux of the song are obscured with muddied distortion and this concept is explored further through the album. "I Just Leave" descends into the abstract with layered strumming patterns accompanied by light chiming which consistently wafts through the six tracks on 'Shit In The Garden'. Folk-esque, "You Can't Win" is a cumbersome instrumental piece featuring a banjo and bewitching wind arrangements. My personal favourite thing about this track and probably on the album is the empty-bottle-rattling sounds acting as rhythm in the song making the track curiously cinematic. I'm mean to employ no sort of hyperbole when I say this is one of my favourite records of the year.

You can buy directly from him on Pink Reason's Facebook page (scroll down a little)

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