Sunday, May 8, 2011

Quintron & Miss Pussycat 'Sucre Du Sauvage'

New Orleans organist Quintron has been releasing material since 1994 and continues to defy pigeonholing. Quintron and Miss Pussycat thrive in a live setting spinning stories through kaleidoscopic illusions via their self-coined genre 'swap tech'. Eighth album 'Sucre Du Sauvage' released by Goner Records was made over a month in New Orleans' Museum of Art whereby their recording is the work of art. The duo create an adventure with the help of animated organs, shaker rhythms and experimenting with music concrete while inviting everyone along for the party.

Highly charged "Banana Beat" opens with Miss Pussycat beckoning listeners beginning her tale; "Walking through the jungle with a gun in my hand/I'm a mean talky walker from in-o-land/Life is a zebra that I ride/Party stripes down on its side", is sung apace with an aerobic organ and metronomic rhythms delivered with the force of a microwave of popcorn going off. Existential noise is explored throughout 'Sucre Du Sauvage' with sound effects suggested in song titles influencing pieces. "Train Ride" experiments with the sound of locomotion in a darker tone featuring creaking, screeching, whistle blowing and faint voices making this otherworldly track curiously isolating and spooky. The album is kicked off by Miss Pussycat's energetic alert "Ring the Alarm" and closer "Morning" brings things full circle but with an entirely different mood. Two somber notes repetitively going back and forth not unlike an alarm chime away, until the closing announcement from the museum plays out, breaking the spell.

This album sounds as though Quintron and Miss Pussycat actually climbed into a painting and made a music that reaches beyond the parameters of a canvas, where their psychedelic, bluesy adventures create a hair-raising place to lose yourself in.

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