Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bad Sports 'Kings Of The Weekend'

Bad Sports new album 'Kings Of The Weekend' on Dirtnap follows up debut on Douchemaster (2009). Threesome Orville Neeley (Guitar/Vocals), Gregory Rutherford (Drums), TV's Daniel Fried (Bass/Vocals) featured on Matador's 'Casual Victim Pile 2010' encompassing many worthy bands displaying high caliber garage rock and punk outfits based in Texas. Outside of Bad Sports these guys have also played in Mind Spiders, OBN III and Wax Museums. Mark Ryan (Marked Men/Mind Spiders) recorded the album in his Fort Worth studio, Ryan's approach to super clean sound on his own records is used on Bad Sports second offering and certainly does it justice. 'Kings Of The Weekend' is a rabid punk record with a big rock feel to it that sounds like Ramones covering Big Star. It's wraps up an amalgam of influences from first wave punk, garage rock and bubblegum melodies delivered with a raw energy which sound like damaged power pop. Striking like a bolt from the blue 14 songs about being adolescent, horny and drunk rip through 30 minutes at a head-spinning pace. Highlights; "Can't Just Be Friends", "You Look Funny" and the heartfelt "Someday In The Future". 2 years in the making and it was definitely worth the wait, this second album feels like Bad Sports have hit their stride. 500 pressed, the first 100 on blue vinyl and you can find copies here.

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