Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wax Idols 'All Too Human/William Says'

'Wax Idols Cassette 2011' (Psychic Snerts) put out earlier in the year landed Wax Idols their first 7" release on the mighty HoZac label, who will also be putting out their debut album ('No Future') in September. At the core of the band is Hether Fortune/vocals/guitar (Bare Wires, Hunx & His Punx) with current line up Amy Rosenhoff/bass, Keven Tecon/drums and Jennifer Mundy/guitar. (Previous band members have included; Mat Hartman (Sic Alps), Ashley Thomas, Courtney Gray, Paul Keelan and Taylor Valentino.)

Opener 'All Too Human' is laden in fuzz with Wax Idol's dreamy ruptured pop surging through the distortion. This song may be familiar to some as it featured on the 'Wax Idols Cassette 2011' release. The B Side 'William Says' also features on the Psychic Snerts tape under 'Gooey Gooey'. The vexing number channels spooked, hypnotic vocals, swarming guitars and pulsating rhythms that build to a perfectly rendered paranoia attack. Wax Idols' wrong-footed luminous punk coupled with Hether Fortune's unfeigned approach to lyrics and songwriting makes this band one worth watching. Can't wait to hear the album.

Video for 'All Too Human'
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