Friday, August 19, 2011

Timmy's Organism/John Wesley Coleman 7"

Memphis' Goner Records earned a mention in a recent Billboard survey and although we didn't need a poll to affirm they are one of the best, it was still awesome to see them recognized alongside many other worthy independent labels. New split 7" from Timmy's Organism and John Wesley Coleman attests to the hype - I'll go ahead and say it, this is one of my favourite singles of the year so far.

Body snatcher, werewolf or a alien? This is what I'm wrangling with, as it's not possible Timmy Vulgar entered this world the same way the rest of us have. Previously fronting Clone Defects, he went on to play in Human Eye and in 2010 debuted Timmy's Organism with 'Rise of the Green Gorilla' which saw his brand of oracular solar rock top many end of year lists. Side A is Timmy Organism's animalistic "Mind Over Matter" opening with crashes of apocalyptic proportions, followed by Vulgar's howling vocals and delay heavy guitars which should come with the warning: this song spews testosterone. Featuring on Side B is "A Clown Gave You a Baby" by John Wesley Coleman , one part of Golden Boys with a few records under his belt as John Wesley Coleman III. Elevating, sugary organs, boxing guitars and rhythms with a melody that gets instantly stuck in your head - if this song doesn't make you want to get up and dance you should probably get your pulse checked.

Superb single on both accounts, there were a limited amount on clear vinyl but you can definitely find the black vinyl 7" and catch a sample of the songs here.

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