Thursday, August 25, 2011

OBN III's - Tic Tac Totally singles

OBN III's are a 5 piece from Austin Texas made up from members of The Strangeboys, Bad Sports and A Giant Dog who have released two seven inches on Tic Tac Totally this year. Hot off the blocks is a self titled single comprised of 4 songs taken from their first recording session. Opener on Side A 'Running on Fumes' perfectly displays OBN III's damaged classic rock steamrolled by guitars that freely roam into muscled out solos. Following the first track is 'Do My Thing' which was chosen to feature on 12XU's 'Casual Victim Pile II' compilation. "Mad" closes the single featuring discordant guitars alongside Orville howling "I'm made about you fucking with me" sounding about as turbulent as it gets.

Side A on second single 'Mark On You' stands out amongst the two releases for being moodier and more menacing. Side B 'Heavy Heart' picks things up with OBN III's brand of punk which sounds like these guys could have been Dead Moon fans in their formative years. These singles perfectly capture the ballistic atmosphere of a great night out in a boozy, sweaty venue with bodies bouncing off the walls and both releases are definitely worth your time.

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You can find copies here and here

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