Monday, January 31, 2011

Death 'Spiritual Mental Physical'

Following it's original release in 1975 on Columbia, Death's universally loved 'For the World to See' was rescued by Drag City in 2009. But, this album only had seven tracks on it. When the band were initially picked up by Columbia they began to record however, the label implored the brothers to change their name to something commercially pleasing. When the group refused Columbia withdrew their support during the recording process hence why only seven songs made it to 'For the World to See'.

Detroit's Proto Punk trio survived by members Bobby and Dannis Hackney still had amo left in the Death cannon, and here it is. 'Spiritual Mental Physical' compiles 10 songs taken from original reel to reel recordings made between 1974 and 1976. What won't be surprising is it's rock and roll down to the core (you expected anything less?) and every inch as gritty as their studio recorded album. These newly unearthed songs gives the listener a sense of being a fly on the wall during the recording process. You can hear the band screwing around, trying out ideas and just plugging in to belt out some jams. Building on the seven songs we are familiar with 'Spiritual Mental Physical' helps to further shape what we understand about the band Death and their sound.

Drag City calls this release a 'victory lap' for Death, and I can't think of a better way to put it. With liner notes by Bobby Hackney describing the songs this is for any and all Death fans.

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