Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kurt Vile 'Jesus Fever'

The past 2 years seem to have been a whirlwind for Philly's Kurt Vile. His releases on Woodsist, Gulcher, Richie and Mexican Summer sent everyone from record collecting fiends, music lovers and just the down right curious into a frenzy. Through relentless touring and having one New York label as his number on fan Kurt Vile has been propelled from underground treasure to becoming a universally loved musician.

During my three year stay in New York I first saw Mr Vile play a modest show in the most famous kitchen in Brooklyn, Silent Barn. Shortly before I left the big apple this indie-psych-folk wizard was opening for Big Star. I can't say I ever expected him to be opening for such a huge act in such a short space of time, but wasn't all that surprised either.

Kurt Vile recently gave a cracking interview for WFMU giving details on his new album 'Smoking Ring For My Halo'. It's out on March 8th and there's a new song, 'Jesus Fever', available to check out courtesy of Matador.

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