Friday, January 14, 2011

Sperm Wails - 'Lady Chatterley'

Sperm Wails formed in London 1986 and broke up in 1989. The story of how bands got together played a handful of shows, put a couple of records out, quit and were forgotten is sadly all too common during the 70s and 80s in the UK. 13th Chime, The Tunnel Runners and Eater come to mind when thinking of this trend and Sperm Wails are no exception. But thanks to labels like Sacred Bones, Sing Sing, Anagram/Cherry Red and S.S Records respectively, their music can be heard once more. Sperm Wails released a meager three singles while they were active the fourth being 'Lady Chatterley' which has been a Youtube sensation, is now available in the tangible realm, as in everywhere!

In S.S's words;
"S.S. figured "Gotta have record." Problem was finding it. "Lady C." had been released but in short run as a freebie with some obscure fanzine. The song was crammed on the record with three tunes by others and that was not right! Former members of the band were tracked down and begged for the right to release "Lady Chatterley" in proper form, as the A-side of a 7". After much searching some Wails dug up an unreleased gem called "Mr. Wonderful," a twisted piece of Fall-pop. And that we called the B-side."

What makes 'Lady Chatterley' stand out to other English Punk and Post Punk is it has strong elements of New York No Wave in it, like if UT were to do a cover of a DNA song. Other singles from Sperm Wails; Grim/Stroke 7" flexi, Boy Hairdresser 12" and The Golden Age Of The Carry On 7" all on Spurt Records. We've been granted a second chance it would be a shame to let these guys go unnoticed again.

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