Friday, January 28, 2011

The Moles 'Untune the Sky'

For those already familiar with The Moles, the first 11 tracks of this double LP are an exact reproduction of 'Untune the Sky' and extra tracks have been taken from EP "What's the New Mary Jane". Listening to this record it made me think, how can I be a fan of Tall Dwarves, The Chills, The Clean, The Bats and completely missed The Moles up until now? Their songs although akin to kiwi sonic brethren on Flying Nun, weren't actually part of this family. The group were initially based in Australia and 'Untune the Sky' came out on Seaside Records. While it seems a no brainer to scour the former label's flawless back catalog for this gem, it was the later and much more modest outfit that was home to The Moles. Glenn Fredericks, Warren Armstrong, Carl Zadro make up the group led by solo artist and Robert Pollard collaborator Richard Davies. The Moles experiment with hypnotic and jarring sounds mixed into palatable pop songs with plenty of addictive hooks and sugary synths. 20 years since it's release this cult favourite's first album is available again courtesy of Kill Shaman. C'mon it's Friday today, this is the perfect thing to be listening to while pretending to do some work.

Track 'Europe By Car'
Track 'Bury Me Happy'

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