Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gentleman Jesse & His Men 'You've Got the Wrong Man'

I've been thinking recently about Gentleman Jesse & His Men and how only a year prior to their debut release people's love of Power Pop was being rekindled with reissues from Hubble Bubble, The Nerves and Milk 'n' cookies. Their self titled album struck like a bolt from the blue, with its irresistibly glamorous hooks and sing-a-long choruses this record proves somethings you can never tire of.

The Atlanta Power Poppers are due to have a new album out and until then, HoZac has released a single to tie us all over. 'You've Got the Wrong Man' and B Side 'Stubborn Ghost' are consistent with their previous stuff. You could say, Power Pop in general is dependable for striking pleasure centres with a familiar guitar, bass and drums mold. With this simple formula Gentleman Jesse & His Men do something so right with what can easily be done wrong. Unrivaled in their ability make music you can put on whatever mood you're in, and it always manages to hit the right spot (how do they do that?!) it's probably stating the obvious at this point, this blogger is excited for Gentleman Jesse & His Men's new album.

You can here both of the new songs on Strofoam Drone!

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