Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cola Freaks 'Cola Freaks'

Championed by Jay Reatard, the Cola Freaks started to turn heads outside of Denmark when they supported Jimmy Lee Lindsay Jr on tour. Following six singles and 2010's 'Live WMBR 88.1'(Mastermind Records) release the six piece offer up debut studio album 'Cola Freaks' (Hjernespind/Douchemaster). These eleven ballistic tracks simulate a twenty five minute punk seizure with an onslaught of frenetic guitars and drums delivered with a no-nonsense attitude. There's a menacing quality to it that brings TV Ghosts' first record to mind, with Cola Freaks songs sounding a lot cleaner by comparison. Parts even remind me of the Lost Sounds stuff, especially the cyber-like vocals and agitated tone of the songs. First 100 copies are available on split red and white coloured vinyl.

Douchemaster blog/shop
Cola Freaks Facebook

A track Cola Freaks made for the Scion A/V singles series.
Scion A/V Garage: Cola Freaks / Digital Leather by ScionAV

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