Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ty Segall 'Goodbye Bread'

It was only a year ago that Ty Segall brought 'Melted' (Goner) to us. Steering away from his earlier ballistic sound Segall ground his songs down to strangled psychedelic garage rock that topped many end of year lists in 2010. To kick off summer 2011, the San Fran-pyscho troubadour is back with new album 'Goodbye Bread' (Drag City) and Segall's has once again knocked one out of the park.

These 10 strung out numbers feature sinewy guitars, ramshackle rhythms and lethargic yet sanguine tinged vocals creating 35 minutes of unglued swampy garage rock, delivered with an explosive sound you'd expect from TRex or The Troggs and finesse of 60s psychedelia. Ty Segall plays around with the structure of the songs throughout 'Goodbye Bread' and manipulates distortion and feedback heating things up then cooling them off, check out "My Head Explodes" to see what I mean! Another highlight is "I Am With You" which opens with chiming guitars morphing into frenzied rhythms, feverish distortion and unhinged vocals, before collapsing into a blazing solo. For those who weren't already initiated 'Melted' turned heads, and my only gripe with that record is it felt like the 30 minutes lasted longer. 'Goodbye Bread' is the opposite, there's something about the way Ty Segall plays with the arrangements that propels the album, for me at least. 'Goodbye Bread' is a great opportunity to pick up on Ty Segall if you haven't had the chance yet, as it feels like this album is building to something even bigger and better for what he puts out next.

Listen! 'I Am With You'

Ty Segall 'Goodbye Bread' UK
Ty Segall 'Goodbye Bread' US

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