Monday, July 18, 2011

Dead Moon 'Unknown Passage' and 'Defiance' LP Reissues

This trio from Clackamas, OR were formed from the ashes of husband and wife Toody and Fred Cole's first project The Rats. Andrew Loomis joined the duo and Dead Moon came to life in 1987, their debut came out a year later on Tombstone Records and they've been churning out rootsy-garage rock ever since. In 2006 Sub Pop released an extensive collection culling their greatest moments on a fine double CD. But, vinyl was still unavailable until now thanks to Mississippi Records. 'Unknown Passage' (1989) features stompers like "54/40 or Fight" and "Evil Eye", while 'Defiance' (1990) has the phenomenal "Walking On My Grave" and "Johnny's Got A Gun". I can't recommend these records enough -- try as I might to sum up their story I just can't top this interview Toody and Fred did for Soft Focus...

Soft Focus Series 3 interview with Dead Moon


  1. Thanks a lot man. The link for the interview is broken btw. Cheers.

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  3. Cool..i am looking for echoes of the past..