Friday, July 15, 2011

Yeti Eleven

This arrived via Royal Mail this morning, the eleventh installment of the brilliant Yeti zine. Contributors in this edition are; Phill Niblock, Joe Brainard, Kimberly Parko, Roy Montgomery, Oneida, Victor Kerlow, Brian Chippendale, Skaters, Olivia Wyatt, Marcellus Hall, Golden Retriever, Megan Holmes, Atole and a collection of rare French May '68 poster images. As always a complimentary mix CD accompanies the mag this time around Snake Hole, Sloppy Heads and Gospel Creators are some of the contributors. It's worth noting this will be the last issue that gives away a these CDs. For issue twelve editor Mike McGonical will be bringing out Yeti in a slightly new format for the book to fit a series of 7"s.

For more information on Yeti go here

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