Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lost Sounds 'Blac Static'

Lost Sounds formed after Jimmy Lee Lindsay Jr's first band The Reatards called it a day. After releasing four albums and a slew of seven inches Jay went on to release material with Alix Brown in the short lived project Angry Angles before going it alone as Jay Reatard. The melodic elements of Jay's later song writing can be attributed to working alongside Rich Cook (drums), Patrick Jordan (bass) and Alicja Trout (synth, vocals, guitar) in Lost Sounds. It never seemed so apparent how important it can be for a band to be in the right place at the right time, or in Lost Sounds case simply the wrong place and the wrong time. It was only a few years later when Blank Dogs synth-drone inspired material boomed in Brooklyn's hotbed, but it was this foursome in Memphis that were there first.

Fat Possum, who nearly signed Jay Reatard before Matador swooped in to sealed a deal with an infamous 7" series - have unearthed the Lost Sounds material for a 'Best Of' collection. 'Blac Static' comprises songs from 'Black Wave' (2001, Empty), 'Memphis Is Dead' (2001, Big Neck), 'Rats Brains and Microchips' (2002, Empty) and 'Lost Sounds' (2004, In The Red). Opener "1620 Echles Street" is a harrowing number, which Jay describes witnessing domestic violence from his next door neighbors. The music aptly mirrors an intense experience and is indicative of Jay's natural ability to describe afflicted human emotion. Other highlights on the compilation are 'I Sit I Watch I Wait' and 'Dark Shadows' both feverish, menacing tracks featuring distorted vocals, fuzzed out guitars and melody heavy synths creating freaked-out-cyber-nightmares. The collection was put together by Alicja Trout and Rob Crook from the band. Alicja released a 7" under the name 'Alicja Pop' not too long ago while Rich Cook currently plays in Knaughty Knights and Lover!. Highest recommendation!

Footage of a Lost Sound interview

Alicja Trout interview on Terminal Boredom

You can buy the album here

Black Wave

Lost Sounds

Memphis Is Dead

Rats Brains and Microchips


  1. Four years later, thanks for this! I couldn't find Black Wave anywhere!