Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gilded Gutter Summer 2011 Compilation

The summer for Gilded Gutter has been spent building up a compilation featuring some favourite bands in London, and a few other spots around the UK for good measure. The bands below have all just started to release material and their shows have transformed many bars and basements into the most incredible nights out over the past few months. It's an absolute pleasure to be able to share some local music I'm a huge fan of here and hope that you'll dig them too.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every band for their contribution.



Track List:

Roseanne Barrr "Letter"
Noisy Punk piece go straight for the jugular with dueling bass and drums. Roseanne Barrr are about to tour the UK with Woolf and Satellites of Love.
Facebook Bandcamp Interview
Roseanne Barrr cassette
Split cassette with Gropetown

Hygiene "Things To Do"
Track taken from their debut LP 'Public Sector' released earlier this year, songs about the daily grind never sounded so brilliant.
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Copies of 'Public Sector' on La Vida Es Un Mus can be found here

Good Throb "Sick Party"
Snotty London via Reading Punk outfit making noise about everyday humdrum. "Sick Party" is from their self released debut cassette 'Demo 2011 Tape' available through their tumblr page. Featuring members of Shitty Limits and No.

Work that Skirt "The Tourist"
Mr Stix (Black Time, Wake Up Dead, Black Mamba Beat) solo work delivers wrong-footed bedroom no-fi. Shabeen Scene will be releasing a tour tape for Work that Skirt, which will be recorded during an upcoming US tour with Black Mamba Beat.
Shabeen Scene blog Tour

Bomber Jackets "Hot Georgian Summer"
Bomber Jackets are; Jackie P, Sarah Datblygu, Sian Dorrer, and Nick Ferrari, who offer electronic musings on the mundane. So far the group made up of members from Wet Dog, Charcoal Owls, Plug and the Pheromoans have put out a split 7" with The Rebel. Soon to be released are singles 'Larching phase' on Night people and 'Old Lord Fauntleroy' on Alter.
Bomber Jackets split 7" with The Rebel

Way Through "Handsome Knave"
This London via Shrewsbury duo are self styled Pastoral Punk featuring guitar and drums intertwined with otherworldly samples. Their debut album is out on October 3rd digitally and on LP through Upset the Rhythm.
Blog Facebook Interview Upset the Rhythm

Halo Halo "Manananggal"
Off kilter tropical pop from London based threesome. Halo Halo just released "Manananggal" as their first 7" on Savoury Days and have upcoming tour dates in Madrid, Norfolk and Tokyo.
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Copies of the 7" on Savoury Days

Cover Girl "Que Sera (Demo Version)"
Infectious Disco Punk created by members of Trash Kit, Wet Dog, Peepholes and Gold Bars. Their first 7" 'Paris Burns' is about to be released, there will be a launch for the single on October 29th at Power Lunches to celebrate.
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Human Hair "ChapterandVerse"
Gyrating punk with a big Rock sound offering up all of the meat and none of the gristle. Currently, Human Hair have two 7"s out on Sex Is Disgusting.
Myspace Sex Is Disgusting Blog

Wake Up Dead "Time (Alternate Mix)"
London based punk outfit made up from members of Black Time and Black Mamba Beat. Their first 7" is a double A Side and will be released on new label EZPZ (set up by Josh from The Love Triangle).
Their first tape split with Black Mamba Beat on Kind Turkey
EZPZ Records Facebook Tumblr

Mickey Gloss "Lil White Lies"
Creepy psychedelia from Australia's Daniel Troon who is now based in London, presently a three piece Mickey Gloss have a 7" flexi disc coming out on X-Ray Recordings in November.
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Mr Peppermint "Toucan"
Masked Glasgow duo performing shredding and drumming that will bring you to your knees.
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Mr Peppermint 'Loose Lips' on Winning Sperm Party

Satellites of Love "A Way Out"
Onslaught of teeth grinding, head spinning Punk. Satellites of Love have a new 7" on the way, catch them if you can as they tour with Roseanne Barrr and Woolf.
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Sauna Youth "Bone Lawn"
Rank Punkers Sauna Youth are a four piece with a cassette and 7" out so far. "Bone Lawn" comes from their latest single 'Lists' which you can find on their blog.
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Black Mamba Beat "Home"
Trio from South Africa now based in London are to follow up last years debut LP on Jeet Kune with a 12"EP on EZPZ Records soon. Black Mamba Beat are about to go on tour in the US this October.
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EZPZ Records Facebook Tumblr

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