Sunday, September 25, 2011

OBN IIIs 'The One and Only'

OBNIIIs make their full length debut on Tic Tac Totally after their raucous garage-punk started to turn heads last year with a flawless run of singles that mixed classic rock with a Stooges-swagger. Members of OBN IIIs are well known for work in other current bands, The Strangeboys, Bad Sports and A Giant Dog who are all active in Austin, Texas, which is where the album was recorded by lead singer Orville. 'The One and Only' features twelve heavy-duty songs loaded with guitar solos and sharp shooting lyrics, checkout 'Get Off Your Knees' to see what I mean! Opener 'If The Shit Fits' is another high point setting the tone for the record with gritty guitars, howling vocals and a snotty attitude which continues to bulldoze its way through this testosterone fueled record - a cracking debut, not to be missed!

Copies from Midheaven
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