Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sauna Youth 'Lists' 7"

Foursome from Brighton describes their second single 'Lists' as follows; "This record concerns itself with sex, death and the frustrations created by the practical necessities of banal life." These three hyper-punk numbers boil over with forthright, catchy guitars and growling vocals which act as a perfect snap shot of Sauna Youth's tenacious song writing. 300 pressed, the first 90 copies are a limited artist run by; Will Exley, Dan Reeves, James Hines, R. M. Phoenix, Chris Pell, Francesca Hill, We Three Club, Alicia Raitt, Lucy Jones. These limited copies are hand-stamped, numbered accompanied by a wrap-around riso-graphed poster of the artists image.

You can find the single here
Sauna Youth Blog
Sauna Youth Facebook

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