Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Human Eye 'They Came From the Sky'

'They Came From the Sky' is Human Eye's third album and first full length for the mighty Brooklyn label, Sacred Bones. This futuristic piece features Johnny Lzr (keyboards), Hurricane William (saxophone/percussion) and Brad Hales(bass) who along with Vulgar are based in Detroit. Stories of space travel and encounters with aliens are told alongside heavy-duty psychedelia rooted in rock 'n' roll resulting in eight songs that depict carnage on an apocolpytic scale. Firey, sinewed guitars, thundering rhythms and Vulgar's oracular vocals are an assult on all senses, and, the more I hear Timmy Vulgar's otherworldly freaked out songs (also check out Clone Defects and Timmy's Organism!) the more I like his stuff. When you let Vulgar take you into his universe it's clear to see everyone has their own way of losing their mind on record, and 'They Came From the Sky' certainly doesn't hold back.

Copies can be found at Sacred Bones

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