Friday, September 30, 2011

Le Pecheur 'Demon 1'

Le Pecheur (The Sinner) formed in the ashes of garage punk band The Last Rapes of Mr Teach who broke up last month. Since then, Pier has accumulated solo material recorded over the last couple of years along with songs made this summer for this new project. Now complete with a live band Pier is joined by Xavier (The Last Rapes of Mr Teach) and Caelan on guitar, Le Pecheur have already played some shows with La Secte Du Futur and have released a split 7" with JC Satan. Pier's songwriting is driven by finding a way to put feelings to music using a four-track recorder bought some years ago. 'Demon 1' is rooted in 13th Floor Elevators style garage rock with a few modern day bands coming to mind as well like The Beets and The Mantles. What separates Le Pecheur from these bands is the balance of melodious yet off kilter guitars and curiously spooked vocals. Highlights come thick and fast like 'Black Death', 'Jesus De Nazareth' and 'Voodoo'. As I understand it, the presently unsigned Le Pecheur are planning to relocate from France to London and are planning a tour in December/January time.

Le Pecheur Bandcamp

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