Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Brain F/ 'Sleep Rough'

North Carolina four piece has just released their full length debut at the tail end of 2011 on Static Shock Records. 'Sleep Rough' features ten songs packed in under 25 minutes rooted in punk tinged with garage sounds of today. From the get go 'Connerie' unleashes a furor of amphetamine rhythms, disaffected boy vs girl vocals and racing, crunchy guitars. 'Hand's In The Jar' rolls out strutting sludgy guitars and rubbery bass through a wall of fuzz amalgamating rock into their punk approach. 'Sleep Rough' is burst of adrenaline by the young, about being young delivered with a snotty attitude and pummeling pace tying the record together like one continuous circle pit where one thing is for sure - you're bound to walk away missing a tooth or two. I guess we'll find out soon enough as they'll be over in the UK for some shows in April, may be see you there...

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