Thursday, January 12, 2012

Woollen Kits LP

Woollen Kits' debut album is out imminently on RIP Society Records. The three piece from Melbourne have played out their infectious ramshackle pop numbers alongside bands like Kitchen's Floor, UV Race and Bed Wettin' Bad Boys over the last year, and are about to embark on a US Tour. These days, whatever RIP Society get excited about, I get excited about and Woollen Kits is no exception. Since 2009 Woollen Kits have put out a 7" and EP showcasing their pyscho-pop via garage rock songs featuring gritty guitars and a low voice that would rival Calvin Johnson. If track "Out Of Whack" is anything to go by the threesome have polished things up and delivered fully realized pop songs, I'm very pleased to say this is my first record purchase of 2012.

"Out of Whack" - taken from the new album

Woollen Kits Tumblr Facebook
Checkout the 7" and EP on Bandcamp
Find copies at RIP Society

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