Wednesday, January 25, 2012

John Wesley Coleman III 'Nightmare on Silly Street'

New album from Texan "trash poet" John Wesley Coleman III is now up for pre-order through Monofonus Press. The B-Side is a collection of wrong-footed pop songs Coleman recorded on 4 track, then embellished on Side-A by Morgan Coy.

Side B features core songs 'Wild Zoo', 'Cancer Inside', 'Psychiatrist', 'Curious Piano' and 'GG Allin for Mayor/President'. These chalky blank verses are accompanied by acoustic guitars allowing Coleman to turn his oddball (meant in the best possible way) stories loose. Side A amplifies the unvarnished 4 track recordings by adding synths, string arrangements, sitars, lush rhythms and polished vocals creating bright psychedelic pop. This new release is another addition to a catalogue of brilliantly beguiling work that extends from music (also see Golden Boys) to painting, writing and movie making, if you like your art to come from left field John Wesley Coleman III is your man.

Full Stream of Album & Pre-Order from Monofonus Press
John Wesley Coleman III Blog

Monofonus Press, John Wesley Coleman III and Morgan Coy also made a video game for you!

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