Tuesday, January 31, 2012

'I Trust My Guitar' Zine

'I Trust My Guitar' was finished in summer of 2011 and it's just gone viral. It's an in depth, personal and very insightful view of African music. Rachel Aggs (Trash Kit, Cover Girl) reveals snapshots of the country's history and politics through snippets of lesser known (to me anyways) musicians and a great interview with Dream Beach Records. A ruddy good read and you now have the chance to catch up from the comfort of your own computer...

To find out; who Rachel's favourite band ever are, how musician Mohammed 'Jimmy' Mohammed was cursed, what happened when Rachel was chatted up whilst buying 50p old issues of the Wire and who wears "super flashy capes and head-dresses on stage!" LOG ON!

Rachel Agg's Tumblr I TRUST MY GUITAR

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