Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kim Phuc 'Copsucker'

There are some unbelievable punk bands around right now and Kim Phuc rates right up there with the best of them. 'Copsucker' (Iron Lung) is the long awaited debut album by the Pittsburgh 5 piece. The record channels raw, primal energy fluxed with menace creating a perfectly formed anxiety attack about the down-trodden, fed up and pissed off. These ten songs are super consistent and the album really kicks in for me at "Heathens", featuring swarming guitars, forthright vocals and pummeling rhythms producing something turbulent and arresting, a feeling that doesn't let up throughout the album. Another highlight is "Razorblades", loaded with heavy, moody guitars set to a metronomic pace, matched with Rob Henry's dead-pan holler- further enforcing frustrations with the daily grind. Kim Phuc have been together since 2004 but this feels like it's just the beginning, charged with animosity 'Copsucker' will hand your ass back to you on a plate.

Kim Phuc - Heathens by Gilded Gutter

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